Escort SEO

escort marketingWe offer a variety of different packages for escort seo which clients tend to use as starting points for what they need for their own sites. Everyone is different and each package is tailored to suit the client’s individual needs but this is the basic framework.


What we usually do is tailor the competition of the keywords the client wants with their budget. We have described what each element is below and then detailed the volumes of everything in each package.

Daily submissions:

We write and submit mini ads about individual girls every day on high traffic directories, classifieds, announcement sites, punter forums etc and the fact that we do it regularly on a daily basis means that your girls are always in the mind of potential clients – above competitors.

Social marketing:

Social reach –We add images of the girls and the times/days they are working. We tweet many times a day during your opening hours and at weekend too.

Content writing on your site:

As well as promoting the girls we also work on the site itself. Each package contains varying amounts of content writing. The bigger the package = more content writing.

Directory profiles:

All agencies have their girls on escort directories. We manage all these accounts for you and add in escorts to each one and move onto another when all the girls are present.  Also once there is plenty of content in the locations, types and other main pages of the site I move onto writing bios for all the girls, roughly around 300 words each to add in extra content. Once those are all completed I start the weekly content writing to a blog or article area on the site so there is always something fresh and new to the site.


All the elements above are included in each package – the size of the package and the price depends on the keywords you want to target. We send full reports out every Friday listing the links and posts we have made, the directory posts submitted and also links to the content we have written as well as the rankings of the site. Also details of any analysis/tracking or changes that have been made on a structural level, if any.


These are the different packages we offer as standard although you can request a more bespoke package should you desire:


Low Level


Best suited to Independent escorts and small agencies with 5-10 escorts
  • 5 escort posts per week to a total of 5 different directories/classifieds/forums etc = 25 posts
  • 1 Content writing piece (350- 400 words) per week for site
  • 6 tweets per day during your opening hours


Mid Level


Best suited to small agencies (under 10 escorts) with low competition keywords
  • 5 escort posts per week to a total of 8 different directories/classifieds/forums etc = 40 posts
  • 1 Content writing piece (500- 600 words) per week for site
  • 12 tweets per day


Professional Level


Best suited to most agencies with 10-30 escorts BUT not for competitive keywords like ‘London Escorts’ or ‘Asian escorts’ Long tail search terms only
  • 5 escort posts per week to a total of 12 different directories/classifieds/forums etc = 60 posts
  • 5 Content writing piece (500- 600 words) per week for site
  • 20 tweets per day x 7 days per week
  • Management of twitter account, gaining new followers/engaging in conversations/making trending posts


Success Level


Best suited to all agencies looking for high rankings & good social buzz including competitive keywords ‘London Escorts’ etc Unlimited search terms
  • 5 escort posts per week to a total of 15+ different directories/classifieds/forums etc = 75 + posts
  • 5 Content writing piece (600+words) per week for site
  • 24+ tweets per day
  • Acquiring new followers, following trends, tweets posted throughout day and night and weekends. Aimed towards trending hashtags – retweets, joining conversations where possible. Retweeting across our own network Directory submissions on a daily basis to various escort directories that competitors use. Tracking competitors back-link profiles
  • 3 blog posts per week for the site


Our Marketing packages give you everything to promote and make your agency a success from the start. Call now and let us begin the work that will attract new clients, new bookings and success in the search engines.